Step by step instructions to purchase the best cordless telephone

Indeed, even in the cell phone period, landline phones still accompany some valuable highlights.


Phones have been pushed out by cell phones from a ton of homes, yet there are as yet a reasonable couple of individuals who want to utilize one for standard calls or the periodic global talk.

A great many people would at present like the alternative to move around when on their landline, so we generally test cordless telephones, yet some of them arrive in a bundle with a corded base unit.

In this purchasing guide we take a gander at:

What number of handsets do you require?

Highlights to search for

The most effective method to stay away from impedance

Power utilization

Expanding your call run


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What number of handsets?

In the event that you just have a little house or unit, you may simply need a solitary handset (which implies less handsets to lose!)

In the event that you have a major house you’ll most likely need a couple of additional handsets to put around the place. A few models accompany three or four handsets included. On the off chance that you have a thought of what number of handsets you require, it’s smarter to purchase the entire set as opposed to including handsets later, which can be more costly.

NBN and your handset

On the off chance that you get your NBN association in a territory of the home that isn’t helpful for your home phone, various handsets might be perfect – you can have the base station wherever the NBN modem and switch is introduced, and utilize the extra handsets set at more advantageous areas all through the home.

Keep in mind, your old landline wires will be futile – all you’ll require is an accessible power point for the handset and you’re ready.

For more data on the ramifications of the NBN on home phone look at the NBN FAQ segment.

More tips about handsets

The models we tried could bolster anything from two handsets up to 12 handsets – which would be helpful in an office.

On the off chance that a model backings the Generic Access Profile (GAP), you can utilize another GAP handset from some other maker essentially by connecting the handset to a power point. Be that as it may, GAP consistence stretches out just to fundamental tasks, which implies included highlights like phonebooks may not work.

Including extra handsets won’t build the scope of the telephones. To get a more extensive territory you require a model that joins a repeater, which charges the additional handset as well as retransmits the remote flag. These merit investigating for bigger houses.

Highlights to search for in a cordless telephone


In case you’re in need of a hearing aide, search for a telephone that gives broad volume modification on the handset and a high handset speaker volume.


Huge, plainly checked keys and an illuminated keypad can help when making brings in low light.


A headset jack gives you a chance to utilize a headset sans hands with a receiver.

Call pausing

Call holding up tells you when somebody is attempting to call you while you’re chatting on the telephone. Check with your telephone system to check whether there’s an extra charge for this administration.


Bluetooth innovation is progressively being accustomed to carry the cell phone into the home telephone condition, by permitting cell phone calls to be made on a cordless landline handset.

Content to discourse

Content to discourse declares the number when you dial on the keypad. It can likewise report the name of the guest.

Rest mode

You can set the telephone not to ring amid a predefined day and age – exceptionally helpful for a decent night’s rest.

Call excepting

Approaching/cordial notwithstanding gives a dimension of control in the event that you would prefer not to acknowledge calls from specific organizations or people, and keeping individuals from the family from calling particular numbers without authorization.


The capacity to page from the base to the handset can be convenient, especially on the off chance that you go out.


Telephone call implies clients on an additional handset can join a telephone discussion where all gatherings can hear the discussion.


Phonebook highlights given you a chance to store contact telephone numbers in the memory of the telephone.

While numerous handsets increment the adaptability of the home telephone, they more often than not don’t build its range. The range for a cordless telephone is normally controlled by the situation of the base unit, so if the range for a telephone is 100 meters, adding an extra handset to the telephone blend won’t build the range to 200 meters.

With an end goal to expand cordless telephone inclusion, a few organizations have presented ‘rehashing innovation’ to drive the general telephone inclusion past the limit of the principle base station. Altogether expanded range can be accomplished using remain solitary repeaters or an extra handset base with the capacity to retransmit the flag past the first station.

The repeater is put between the base and extra handset base and is accessible as a choice on some Uniden and Panasonic telephones.


Cordless telephones in our most recent surveys cost from $45 to $399.